Blue Foundation “Lost” Video Premiered at Vice’s Noisey

Get it here!

Blue Foundation said this about the video:

“It’s about the connections between still photography and the moving image with artistic reference to the french filmmakers of La Nouvelle Vague. We were interested in poetically portraying the image of a woman’s sexuality and the conflicting feelings of holding on to someone while at the same time wanting to let go.
Our attempt was to capture the overall atmosphere of the song by visually depicting the sense of longing, flirtation, foolishness, claustrophobia, and the deep sensuality of a woman. As if soaring through a dream. ?Popping out of the video are images of songstress Sara Savery making out with a hot boxing clown.
The video concept was created by artist Tobias Wilner and Sara Savery and was shot over two days by Tobias Wilner. It takes place in a tiny apartment in Paris, starring both Sara Savery and Brooklyn based actor, Parviz Nor.”

Watch it at Noisey here!

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