New Blue Foundation Video for ‘Describe’ Premiered at Noisey/VICE

Watch ‘Describe’ at NOISEY here

“The two danish filmakers Cecilie Evert and Simon Lundsgaard directed this video together for our song ‘Describe’.
We wanted to show that us people can be very judgmental. On the surface things that we do not know might seem repulsive, but if we look deeper it might not be that alien. That is what the viewer should see in this video.

Sometimes you can be afraid of things that you can’t define or describe. But if you look beyond the surface you will find something you recognize in yourself. That is what this video is about.

Stylistically they were very inspired by film director Carl Th. Dreyer, the minimalism of his universe; the use of light, shadows and space in black and white, the long shots and slow camera movements.

For the story Cecilie and Simon were inspired by my lyrics.
“… I can describe it all for you, if you got the nerves/guts to look into my eyes.”

The two actors in the video, Louise and Martin, both have Down’s Syndrome. That was of course a challenge for them as directors.

Martin and Louise are a couple in real life as well as in the video. they chose them because it was clear to them that they have a very unique relationship. They saw a certain chemistry between them. Their love for each other is very strong and unique, and we expected it to shine through the lens, which we think it did.

The video was shot in Denmark. It was very important to find a house that was isolated in the forest to give the viewer an experience of entering a special world.

Enjoy” - Tobias Wilner

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