DPC Film

// DeadPeople’sChoice Film is an independent film company established in 2009 by Boris B. Bertram and Tobias Wilner.

// THE WAR CAMPAIGN by Boris Bertram latest movie from Dead Peoples Choice Film.


Hey everybody

We decided to start a film production company at Dead People’s Choice a year ago called DeadPeople’sChoice Film. We love music and we also love films. We love to tell stories. We have been doing a lot of cooperations over the last couple of years from Twilight to Miami Vice, documentary films, TV series, skateboard films, you name it.

Our first DeadPeople’sChoice Film production was the documentary “Tankograd”. It has done really well so far. “Tankograd” has received two awards so far - Camden Film Festival and Art Doc Fest 2010 in Moscow. It has been nominated at HotDocs Film Festival, CPH Dox and The Magaret Mead Film Festival.
Our new production “Chips and Liver” has just been selected for Rotterdam Film Festival.


// TANKOGRAD by Boris Bertram is the first movie from Dead Peoples Choice Film.

// TANKOGRAD SOUNDTRACK available soon worldwide as CD/DVD/iTunes. With outstanding music from Blue Foundation, Ghost Society and Sara Savery. Listen to a songe here: Ghost Society “Tiny” (Tankograd Soundtrack)


Winner of Best Documentary Film at Moscow’s filmfestial Artdokfest 2010

Winner of Best International Documentary at Camden Film Festival 2010

Nominated for the Magaret Mead Film Award 2010

Selected for HotDocs 2010

Selected for CPH Dox 2009

// MOVIE SITE: Tankogradmovie.com

// ABOUT: Chelyabinsk, Russia, once the site of a top secret Cold War atomic bomb factory, is now the most radioactively polluted city in the world. Its residents live with the consequences of catastrophic leaks and dumped toxic waste as cancers, auto-immune diseases, and undrinkable water flow freely. But the city most foul sprouts a most unlikely growth—the vibrant, inspiring Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theatre. As cameras follow two young members, Vova and Masha, through rehearsals for a near gravity-defying piece, filmmaker Boris Bertram skillfully threads their struggle to create against the stifling realities of their surroundings. At once an environmental exposé of the world’s worst radioactive disaster and an artful portrait of regenesis, Tankograd is one of the year’s most unique urban essays. - Myrocia Watamaniuk
is the first movie from Dead Peoples Choice Film.

// WATCH Q&A WITH BORIS BERTRAM about the movie from Hot Dox Toronto Film Festival 2010.

// CHIPS AND LIVER by Boris Bertram and Caroline Kamya

If you’re a girl in a city like Kampala, and you want everything, you have to give everything. She wants to survive, or to study. He wants value for money.